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I am a tree hugger, a nature lover, a peace-maker, some may even call me a light warrior, and so it is.


I mean I love planet earth, humanity (even though at times I may loose hope on our capacity to actually be conscious and responsible), natures beauty, its marvel and the fact that we are intrinsically connected to all of it. I understood how everything on the planet affects humanity directly and indirectly. Therefore I decided to be what I am today, an earth guardian, sometimes even warrior. An Eco-friendly Chef, Holistic Wellness Coach, a food and sustainability advocate and climate change speaker.


I have not always lived with the philosophy of living a healthy conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Previously, I had little concern about my eating habits (lack of information), ate foods high in sugars, processed foods, fast food, canned foods, meat etc. Not realizing the damage these negative eating habits had on my health, my families’ and much less the planet. 


After the birth of my second and third daughter, I established myself a goal of losing about 80 pounds and totally improving my overall health. I suffered from recurrent kidney infections, anemia, depression, low immune system and was overweight. I wanted to accomplish this completely naturally (my father being a plastic surgeon and all; I did not want to go down that route) and wanted results in less than one year.  


Did I succeed you might ask?


I have always loved food, loved to cook and be in the kitchen, I finally decided to take my passion as my career and took culinary courses to become a chef, complimenting it with nutrition and holistic wellness courses as well as climate change training's and received my certifications. With much study and practice I achieved amazing results in my weight, improved my overall health as well as those of others close to me who took my advice. And yes, I accomplished my weight loss goal and much more in less than a year. 


I realized that through a plant based nutrition and conscious mindful eating habits of natural, organic, local, seasonal ingredients could improve the health of the people and consequently help preserve the planets well being. I then sought to open my own business and launched a climate food inspires health and wellness business, with the idea of offering fresh, local, organic seasonal healthy meals that would lead to a healthy body and therefore a happier life and a more sustainable planet. Now a days I still work as a private eco-chef (every now and then for special clients), a Mindful Eating lecturer, Food & Sustainability speaker, Holistic Nutrition teacher, "yogi", active environmentalist and manufacture handmade raw foods and artisan vegan cream cheeses (totally plant based, dairy-free) called RawSome.  


I also work with cancer patients helping them achieve wellness through a completely raw vegan diet by introducing them to new ingredients and recipe options, to help them maintain a well balanced diet that their doctor and current situation require, without getting bored, depressed, or sicker. I am creating awareness about the importance of making healthy conscious and sustainable food choices one bite at a time! 


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